Cold, cold, cold….

It is cold up here in the Catskills this weekend!  We couldn’t even brave a run outside ( I think I’m getting wimpy in my old age!)..used the treadmill instead.  Even Willy and Zelda were ready to go in after about 15 minutes–paw freeze!  It is a great time to try Ice climbing–if you have ever had the hankerin.   A place in Rosendale..Alpine Endeavors will take you beginner or advanced.  Check out their website at

 There are some great upcoming concerts at the Bardavon and/or UPAC including Jorma Kaukonen on Feb. 8 and one of my favorites..Emmylou Harris at UPAC on Feb. 21st.  you can check out the website at or .  My favorite guy will be playing next Sat. night 1/24 at the Colony Cafe with Paul McMahon.

Woodstock will celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday at 2PM on Sunday 1/18 at the Community Center, Rock City Road with speeches and music…and then there is Tuesday–the inauguration of Barak Obama –hallelujah!

keep warm!



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