Spring rain…

Tomorrow is the first Wednesday of the season for the awesome Woodstock Farm Festival–remember the music festival?  Well every Wednesday now through Oct.  we not only have great music (this week is Mike & Ruthy www.mikeandruthy.com) but FOOD–my favorite thing!   Area farms and restaurants come and show their stuff.  If you’ve never been to Woodstock midweek–now is the time!  And if you’ve never been to Woodstock…

I have been on blog holiday….but I am back.  We started off the season with a glorious Memorial Day weekend—no one could have asked for better weather.  Guests swam, fished—and sunbathed.  I ran around happy as a clam–took Willy & Zelda swimming when I thought no one was looking…. But caught by a three year old who was thrilled! 

So many happenings this weekend.  If you have never seen Naked -now is the time.   Julia Nichols’  band is one of the best Woodstock has to offer–come check her out this weekend at The Colony Cafe (www.colonycafe.com)  Also playing with her–Shamsi Ruhe–another very talented local singer/songwriter.

This Friday at the Bearsville Theater (www.bearsvilletheater.com) The Hudson River Lyceum will present a lecture by John Taylor Gatto.  I am thrilled about this lecture series and hope many more will take place at the theater!  On the 30th & 31st catch the World Piano Summit featuring Cuban musicians.  Elio Villafranca meets Chuchito Valdes (check out www.worldpianosummit.com –WOW!! IMUST GET SOMEONE TO WORK SO I CAN GO!!  BONNIE………



p.s. did i mention it was raining and beautiful?  nothing like a spring rain…

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