And the winners are…

Dear folks,

Thanks so much for all your entries….and particularly your patience as we combed through the many photos we received for what may indeed become our Annual Woodstock Inn Photo Contest.  The following is a letter from my dear boss, the owner of the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream…Mr. Tom Bullard:

“Wow!  When we had the idea for a photo contest, we never imagined so many of our guests would respond.  And who could have guessed that the Woodstock Inn attracted so many talented photographers! We’re flattered and a bit overwhelmed trying to choose from so many excellent and varied pictures. But choose we must, and have done! There were three of us judging. We went round and round so many times that we decided to expand the awards. Now, on top of the three winners, we have included eleven additional photos under the category of Honorable Mention, to receive a $15 gift certificate (please check our facebook page for the honorable mention list). And to take it one step further, we were inspired and excited to start a new page entitled Guest Gallery where we will include even more of the contest photos. 

     For myself, it was fascinating and gratifying to see the images captured by our guests.  After 18 years of labor and love in creating the Woodstock Inn, I know the place pretty well, but it has been a real treat to see the Inn and Woodstock and its eccentric culture through the fresh, observant, and artistic eyes of our guests.  
     We thank all of you so much for your love and patronage of the Inn, and for your participation in our first photo contest — let’s do it again!

P.S.  you may be wondering  about our criteria for judging the photos.  well….we batted around several factors:  should the subject matter pertain directly to the Inn, to the town of Woodstock, or to the local area?  Was technique or content more important?  Classic or unusual?  In the end we went with an approach of  “we’ll know when we see it.”  And I think we tended a little more toward sentiment.
Somehow we came up with three winners: Setting sunlight on a snowy Millstream;  Linus, the cat, yawning in the garden (the flowers are literally catnip);  and a baby in a diaper peering out the window of room 17 at what may have been his/her first snowfall. Congratulations to all!” Tom

1st Place - Dave Russo - Snowy Stream at Sunset

2nd Place - Doug Ouderkirk - Linus in the Catnip

3rd Place - Ali Smith - Window to the World


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