It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write a post this late evening.  I am writing to honor a friend/co-worker who died all too soon.  Here at the Inn …we are a family…all of us.  Over the years you can see the same faces here…cleaning, gardening, mowing, repairing, building…it’s always the same faces because we love it here and we have created a home not just for the guests but for ourselves.  It is also our place of refuge.  To lose a member of our family… so young has devastated each and everyone of us here.  Words are useless…prayers abound.  I took a hike this evening…this gorgeous autumn like evening and was thinking about what a beautiful day my friend Jonathan was missing.  When I came down the mountain at Overlook I took a walk down the Dharma path across from the monastery.  The evening could not have been finer.  I walked, I prayed and I wept for my friend, for his two young children  and for our now broken family.  Rest in peace dear Jonathan.  We love you.

Jonathan Rodriguez

Jonathan Rodriguez

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