Saturday in Woodstock…

Tonight you can catch a great show at the Bearsville Theater (just a short 2 mile drive from the Inn) .   Bret Mosley will be performing and I will bet it proves to be a fantastic show.  He is a great singer songwriter–living in Brooklyn, but often up here in Woodstock–either performing or recording.  Check out the show-for only $10 you will hear some mighty fine music.  It is quite cold up here this morning–but the glorious sunshine makes it bearable.  Some brave guests are off to hike Overlook.  I am sure the view will be endless.  I am off to town to buy some necessities–I now do all I can to buy everything in our little town–this time it is some silverware at Timbuktu one of my favorite stores.  I am trying to support our town as much as possible instead of buying online–or elsewhere. 



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