A day off…

Off for the next two days and I plan on hiking as much as I can with the “kids”  I love this time of year in the woods—the smells, the sounds–everything seems to be waking –including me!  I will be off to Revolution Hall, Troy NY to see the North Mississippi Allstars (www.nmallstars.com )tomorrow evening.  We had the absolute pleasure of having members of the Black Crowes stay with us for some time in February.  As I noted in another entry, I went to their incredible concert at Levon Helm’s studio.  Luther Dickinson, one of the Crowes guitar players and founder of the North Mississippi Allstars, blew our  minds so we got tickets to see him tomorrow night– can’t wait!

There is an incredible show at the Fletcher Gallery in town (www.fletchergallery.com ).  Check out their online view of the show of Georgina Klitgaard–or better yet, come on up to Woodstock during April and see the show for yourself.  If you come midweek–mention this blog and I will give you an art lover’s discount.




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