A fabulous Tuesday….

Sun shining, stream flowing–I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be!   I am planning a huge hike tomorrow on the Escarpment Trail with friends.  It is a 18.6 miles hike from Windham to North/South Lake a bit of a challenge–but the views will be worth it.   The leaves should be gorgeous!   I will take my camera and post some pics when I return.  There is a lot happening this week and weekend in Woodstock and the area.  If you have never been to a Ramble–plan ahead now and buy your tickets for this coming winter!  Check out www.levonhelm.com.  Also in Rhinebeck this weekend is the Antique Fair on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday night at  the Bearsville theater is the Center for Photography’s annual benefit gala.   So much to do!  Don’t forget bluegrass at The Colony Cafe on Thursday nights.  Until friday…



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