A moody Tuesday…

The leaves continue to cling and color is alive!  Yesterday was gorgeous–today is overcast and moody–but still beautiful!  Perhaps a hike with Willy tomorrow–however, I heard there may be snow showers?!! or was that a viscious rumor?  If you haven’t been up to the Catskills yet for the foliage–now is the time!  This weekend you can cuddle a pig-if you are so inclined, at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary or check out Woodstock Animal Sanctuary where you can have a tour on Saturdays and Sundays.  For you art lovers there is the Woodstock Byrdcliff Show and Sale up on the hill–or check out the always interesting show at the Varga Gallery.  Music can be heard at the Colony Cafe, the Muddy Cup (Saugerties) or at the Rosendale Cafe–all have great shows to catch this weekend.




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