After the storm…

From the Caribbean to the Northeast United States Hurricane Sandy has impacted so many I just don’t know what to write.  So many of our beloved guests are still without power, heat and the basics of life as another storm (this time possibly bringing snow) threatens the area.  In my own hometown the Misquamicut beach area was devastated as were most of the homes.  Even in the Hudson Valley most were only recently restored to power.  Miraculously the Woodstock Inn was spared both damage and a power outage which was extremely helpful to some of the refugees who were evacuated from NYC.  I had a small group of absolutely amazing guests who rose to the occasion and kept calm when we had a couple of close calls with some very large trees falling…luckily in the right direction.  We are attempting to do our small part by sending down sheets, towels, clean up rags and the like with some local residents who are driving supplies directly to those in need a few times a week.   Thank you Rachel Sun!  Be safe, be smart, don’t forget to vote and most of all don’t forget to love.




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