Angelina truly is…JOLIE!

Regina, Mike & Angelina!

Regina, Mike & Angelina!

Many  years ago I met two “kids” who started coming to Woodstock and (lucky for me) chose the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream as their place to stay.  Regina & Mike quickly became regulars and visited on average 3-5 times a year…and so…they joined what I call my Woodstock Inn “family.”  The family is not based on times/year visits…but rather how we connect on the visit(s).  There are some guests I only see once a year…or once every other year…but when I do …it is like any old friend walking through the time has passed.    Mike and Regina are like old friends…when they walk in the door…it’s a hug…it’s a catch up on life, love, work and all that.  These two chose to create their own piece of history here when they got engaged on the famous green bench outside the office…not the one there now…but an older one that has since been replaced…I am still looking for a piece of it to give to them 😉

When they broke the news that they were pregnant…I was beyond elated for them!  As Regina’s due date grew close… I would call now and then just to see how she was doing.    When it came time for their winter weekend visit (one they have been doing for years)  I never expected that they would keep it as it was just weeks after their first child was born.  Imagine my excitement when they called to say …of course we are coming!!  Angelina was just three weeks old when they pulled into the driveway and I got to meet the newest member of this wonderful family.  The first morning at breakfast..all guests were gaga over this gorgeous child…and I got to hold her while Mom and Dad ate breakfast.   What a gift…holding this newborn child  …. a morning I will never forget.

Universe willing…I look forward to many more years here and watching Angelina grow.  I recently had a visit from an “old” young guest who I met as a newborn…she is now 17, driving and just recently got accepted to her college of choice!  Time sure does fly when you are having the time of your life.  So grateful….