April showers…

Wow, as I write this the April showers here in Woodstock are really coming down!  The stream is high and ripe for swimming.  The Inn has been entirely booked by the Newtown High School, Elmhurst (Queens) for 30+ students who are here with teachers to learn about peace, love, music, crafts, country living…and all that Jazz!   I will say I was a bit apprehensive about having 30+ teenagers here—but after meeting them–and watching them from the sidelines–I am relieved.  This is a truly interesting bunch of kids—and I am honored that they chose to stay here with us.  One of their teachers is a guest of mine and she cooked up this incredible, educational weekend for them with trips to the Woodstock Museum and Crafts People (www.craftspeople.us) .  Each kid had to raise $ to finance their trip.  They seem really excited and psyched to be here!  I wish I had such cool teachers when I was in HS  (many, many years ago!) 

Next weekend there are a couple of cool book signings sponsored by our own Golden Notebook (www.goldennotebook.com).  Jeffrey Masson will be signing When Elephants Weep & Dogs Never Lie About Love on Friday, 4/10 7:30 PM at the Kleinert/James Art Center in Woodstock.  Also on Sat. 4/11 at 5PM Jane Brody will be signing  Jane Brody’s Guide to the Great Beyond:  Practical Primer to Help You and Your Loved Ones Prepare Medically, Legally, and Emotionally for the End –SUPPORT INDIE BOOKSTORES EVERYWHERE!  



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