The beauty of winter at the Woodstock Inn

I realize not everyone is as enthusiastic about winter as I am…but you can’t deny the beauty that exists when new fallen snow spreads a blanket over the Catskills!  I shot this photo right in the woods next to our house as last Thursday’s snowstorm (or was it the Thurs. before snowstorm?) prevented me from driving to hike the winter peak I was looking to conquer.  The wind was howling and the streets were a bit hairy so Zelda, Willy and I took to the yard and the woods next door for our adventure.

About a week later…right after yet another snowstorm Zelda and I were off to Balsam Mtn. to continue our quest to hike all 35 peaks that are over 3500 and earn our patch!  We succeeded and have only 1 winter hike left to complete…then the remaining 18 this spring/summer.  I can’t think of a better way to experience the beauty of the Catskills!

Come join me!!!  🙂



right in our back yard! copyright/k.pignataro

right in our back yard! copyright/k.pignataro

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