Behind the scenes at the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream…

Many of you travel to the Woodstock Inn and never get to meet the MOST important person responsible for your stay…meet Rita, Barbara, Jacqueline, Frank, Michael, Ana, Marilla, Krystal and Olivia (missing Chaya).  These guys and gals are the reason why your room is so clean.  We get a lot of reviews …and while some may not like me (or my hair ..hahahaa) the one thing most reviewers agree upon is the cleanliness of the rooms at the Woodstock Inn!  We do NOT fool around here when it comes to your room.  This amazing staff doesn’t pretend to clean…they actually get down and dirty and scrub every inch of your room.  Sheets and towels are meticulously scrutinized during their laundering.  Our bedspreads, quilts and duvets are WASHED every time which is why the laundry room is also known as my “other office!”

ALL of them are dedicated, hard working, conscientious, honest and an absolute joy to work with!  My job as Innkeeper is about a thousand times easier because I can and DO rely on each of these individuals to do a spectacular job.  They deliver day after day…and I am eternally grateful to each and every one of them!  Please remember them when you depart and leave a gratuity…it is always appreciated!

The best damn co-workers a gal could ask for!

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