The best leaf-peeping in the Hudson Valley

It is amazing to think we are still surrounded by an ever-changing beautiful landscape here in Woodstock – and it’s almost the end of October! The Indian Summer keptstreamfalljrforbnbonline the fall season at bay, and these past few weeks have simply been a wonderful gift from Mother Nature.

The bright red and orange colors that brightened the stream did get knocked out a bit with this weekend’s rainstorm, but the yellows and golds are still all around, colorfully altering the landscape. I keep thinking at some point I am going to choose a favorite season. But when I really reflect on it, it seems the season I am in is my favorite.

This summer was warm, and wonderful. There was little humidity and the days were perfect for languishing by the stream. Well, at least for guests. It is the busiest time of year for us, so it often feels like non-stop action behind the scenes, but seeing friends returning and meeting new ones always gives me pause.  However, all too quickly the nights were encroaching earlier, the days were just a bit cooler and now, another season is here to steal my heart. I imagine when the snow falls it too will appeal to my senses.

Being reminded of time’s passage in such a dramatic way is humbling. On smart days we take time to reflect upon it, other days we just rush to play catch up. But for now, taking time to watch the warm sun stream through dancing yellow leaves seems the perfect way to spend an October afternoon.