Bushwhacking the Catskills!

In my never ending (but soon to be completed) quest to hike all the 3500 peaks in the glorious Catskill Forest Preserve…my excellent friend Ms. Liz Levine and I decided to hire the amazing Jeff Vincent, a recent AT thru hiker who just started Catskill Mountain Wild (check out his website by simply clicking on our pic with him CatskillMountainWild.com)   Jeff is available to guide folks on any adventure of their choice…hike, fish, camp, paddle.  He is a local and knows these mountains like the back of his hand!  Liz and I had done a couple of the bushwhack hikes on our own but realized we had just been super lucky to find the top and the canister which you must sign.  Let me back up…of the 35 peaks about 10 of them are bushwhack hikes…meaning NO marked trail…and at the top you need to find the canister and sign the book.  After our successful sign in on top of Friday mountain…we got lost coming back down…but eventually found our way back to the car.  Yes, we had compasses, maps, etc….we realized we just didn’t know how to use them properly.  Enter…Jeff Vincent!!  Jeff took us out on the North Dome/Sherrill bushwhack and guided us to the top of both while also patiently teaching us how to REALLY use a compass and map!  What an amazing journey!


I was so inspired and impressed with Jeff’s expertise we have started discussions about offering packages to our guests.  Snowshoe excursions, bushwhacks and fishing trips.   One I am particularly excited about…includes backpacking from a tbd start to Echo Lake where we would do an overnight then hike the next morning down Overlook and end the second night at the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream with a fabulous dinner in Woodstock.   Check out Jeff’s website by simply clicking on our picture with him!

Stay tuned…..






yours truly mimicking the strong tree arm that protruded from the side of the mountain we bushwhacked

Jeff Vincent of Catskill Mountain Wild

Jeff Vincent of Catskill Mountain Wild, Liz Levine, et moi

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