Catskills offer year-round getaway escapes

Well, for better or worse, the secret of the Catskills being the best getaway in New York  seems to be out. While the quiet of the winter season used to be a refresher for those of us who are on full-blast during the summer season, this year it seems things have changed a bit and I’m left wondering: are we really becoming a full-fledged, year-round getaway? 
The skiing is definitely up a notch. Last year’s addition of the gondola at Belleayre has

ski life white patches and hills with trees, no leaves.

Bellayre still has skiing even though there’s no snow in lower elevations.

brought a new level of skiers to the area – and the late February storm that brought fresh snow to the higher elevation means the slopes will be open well into March.  
The Catskills are also getting a lot of publicity from outside media influencers, especially the popular television series the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel which featured summer excursions here. While Woodstock is a far cry from the tradition-filled Borscht Belt area featured in the show, we do have those same features that brought people to the mountains in the first place: Fresh air, green mountains, wonderful outdoor adventures, kind people and the chance to really get away and relax.

The lure of the Catskills seems to be expanding well beyond city folks seeking a weekend away. And I’m heartened that the values that make it so wonderful are not being lost in this hoopla. In Woodstock music is – and thankfully always will be – a mainstay, while the galleries and independently-owned restaurants and businesses create the backbone of our wonderful village community.

Nightlife options have expanded, with a resurgence of talented musicians performing almost every night at small, intimate venues. It seems more people in town create more opportunities for everyone to enjoy themselves – even in February. And I like all the new people out and about – really. But I’m still always thrilled that more than half our guests are returning visitors. I love watching them create wonderful memories and family traditions that define their values – time in nature, simple relaxation, appreciating art and spending quality time with the the people they love. It’s an honor to be a part of this amazing community.

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