Earth Day beauty

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out NASA’s latest images of Earth.  They include not just pictures of the big blue marble, but also images of land formations that replicate lettersugab_ast_2000360_lrg earth_and_limb_m1199291564l_color_2stretch_mask_0– here’s the letter “Y”  which stands for yardangs – elongated land forms sculpted by erosion. Wow. Talk about humbling. Maybe we should make every day Earth Day.

And then I walk outside and witness the stream rushing past, the water supporting so many life forms, and the miracle of its role in our own little patch of land right here in Woodstock. The trees it nurtures, the souls it refreshes when guests jump in for a summer dip. And, every day the music it provides as it gushes, gurgles and sometimes even just trickles past. It’s constantly changing and constantly comforting.

The Inn is such an amazing retreat. It’s always a joy watching people relax. Often people get in touch with themselves as they get in touch with nature – it’s important to not just unwind but also remember that the world is truly beautiful place.