Embracing the end of summer

Don’t know how the heck it’s happened. I feel as if some ghost must have fast forwarded the calendar. Is it REALLY the end of August? The summer is such a special time hkarenhikesummerere in the Catskills and this year Woodstock has been so busy and fun-filled.
The music options have been legendary – right from the opening days of Mountain Jam in June through tonight’s Kate Pierson performance at the Byrdcliffe Barn.  It never ceases to amaze our guests – and us! – how much talent resides right here in the community. Maverick’s centennial season has been appropriately celebrated by locals and visitors alike – imagine 100 years of music in the woods! How magical.
And when Karen went hiking this week on a well-deserved day off she sent back these lovely images. Too soon these mountains will be transforming into a horizon of color, a visual testimony to the time that passes us all by too fast.
Meantime,  enjoy the weekend and the memories you’ll make. They’ll keep you smiling and warm, even through the gray days of February.
Now, I need to go back and look at that calendar one more time!