Father’s day…

I got the nicest surprise from my dad on Sunday—he drove up to Woodstock to see me for Father’s Day!  He spent father’s day driving around to all his kids (except my brother Drew in Portland–a bit far!)  to visit with them.  I was so moved!  It reminded me of that great film with Marcello Mastrianni Tutti stanno bene.  In it he drives all over to see his kids –it is a bit sad–but a beautiful film.   We had a nice dinner at Cucina  (Woodstock’s great new Italian restaurant) and then tonight at the Bear Cafe.  If you have never dined at either of these–do it soon!  You can check out their menus online.

This weekend in Woodstock at The Colony Cafe–don’t miss Three –Joey Eppard’s band will blow your mind.  On Saturday at the Bearsville Theater–the new Jazz series with Julian Lage at 8PM.  This past weekend the Maverick Concert Series began www.maverickconcerts.org .  If you have never been to one of these magical concerts you simply must.  They are scheduled July through September and take place at night under the stars in this amazing outdoor theater.  Book now–both your room and your tickets they go real fast!



Don’t forget the top ten reasons to come to Woodstock midweek:

1. The Farmer’s Market on Wednesday’s–good food, great music what more could you ask for

2. Thursday night bluegrass at the Bearsville Theater

3. Less crowded streets

4. More food to eat for breakfast at the Woodstock Inn

5. The swimming hole practically to yourself

6. Reservations at your favorite restaurants without the wait

7. Peace and Quiet

8. Hiking the Catskills in solitude

9. Even when it rains here–it’s beautiful

10. if you book midweek this week (Tues, Wed., or Thursday 6/23-6/25) and mention this blog specifically I’ll give you a 10% discount.




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