Last night I had a dream…in it I was walking around a city in the midst of much chaos.   Looking around me I made the decision that I could not participate in the fighting …and so I started to flap wings which suddenly appeared where my arms had been.  As I took off…people started to look up in astonishment and yell to me…”how are you doing that?? where are you going?”  I  soared higher and higher …as I passed through what seemed like layers and layers of stratospheres…I became lighter and lighter and more at peace.  I thought to myself …am I dying?  I never really got the answer to my question.  I awoke for the first time in a long time with a sense of peace.   We are at an amazing yet frightening time in the history of this nation.  I do not pretend to know even one millionth of a fraction of what the hell is going on…but my dream has helped to refocus my energy towards solutions rather than obsessing on the problems or worse yet…adding to them.

The solution for me is to NOT give energy to hate…no matter the source.   The solution for me is to engage in heartfelt, open discussions with those who are prepared to do the same.  The solution for me is to drop my need to be RIGHT so that I can have those discussions.   And finally to pray each and every day to a power greater than ourselves to guide this nation through these troubled times so that the phoenix will rise.

May peace and love guide us all…


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