Happy Birthday Martin Luther King!

National Day of Service–what better way to celebrate the man and his dream!  And the inauguration of our  44th President–Barak Obama!  He inspires me–so much that I responded to his call through usaservice.org to volunteer locally and help start the change we so desparately need.  I will be headed to the UCSPCA Shelter on Thursday for a volunteer orientation.  I must say, it is the first time in a long time that I have been moved by a politician!

It has been quite a holiday season…busy at the Inn and tons of friends and family visiting.  I had my brother Andrew from Portland (we may be serving HIS coffee soon at the INN), my dear old friend Wendy (a Woodstocker from my early days here) and finally my great friend Marie from Paris.  She and I get to see each other –oh once every 7 years…the itch!  And now, I am ready to take a nap.  It is cold but beautiful here–blue sky, white snow and warm compared to what we have been experiencing as far as temperatures go.

This weekend you can catch a great show at the Colony Cafe featuring The Vicars of Texas, my beau John’s new band.  He will be playing along with Paul McMahon (a must see!) and others.  It is just a short walk from the Inn—and a great place to hear music.  Coming up on Jan. 31st–get your tickets now for the Acoustic Ramble at Levon Helm’s!.  Don’t miss it!



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