Happy Birthday Woodstock Inn!

Tom just wrote me an email reminding me that Wednesday, 4/15 is the 17th anniversary of the Woodstock Inn under his ownership!  We all have Tom Bullard to thank for saving this amazing piece of property seventeen years ago and creating a bit of paradise here in Woodstock.  I have heard rumors that when Tom bought the Inn things were less than fab  shall we say!  Shag carpets, no garden, etc….  ( I guess shag rugs were in for a while my family had a multi colored one in the basement–ha!)   Thanks to him you all have a lovely place to stay—and we have an AWESOME place to work!   I think I will celebrate by staying in a fancy room tonight (16) and then have breakfast in the AM by the stream. 

Plenty to do this week and weekend in Woodstock.  Thursday night bluegrass at the Bearsville Theater is one of my favorite shows to catch.  There is a Ramble at Levon Helm’s on Saturday.  If you don’t have tickets to that–don’t despair there is an amazing singer/songwriter by the name of Sean Rowe playing at the Muddy Cup in Saugerties on Saturday.  Check him out! www.seanrowe.net  and check out www.muddycup.com/saugerties.





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