Happy New Year!

A belated happy to all of you.  It has been a wonderful holiday season here…old friends and new friends joining us here in Woodstock.  As I sit here writing this just about all the guests for the Ramble have left to catch the first one of the new year!  How I wish I was there!   There are still tickets left for the Jan. 30th concert…get them while they last.

We are gearing up for the winter season and breaking out the snowshoes, XXskis and other gear…let’s hope I do it this year!  I was a bit lazy last year.  There’s nothing like plowing  up Overlook Mountain in some snowshoes!  You REALLY feel it. 

While town quiets down this time of year…come on up and enjoy the peace and QUIET!  Everybody is open…just a bit more mellow.  Try a Thursday night at the Bearsville Theater where you can catch some of Woodstock’s finest singing karaoke..you won’t regret it!




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