Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Happy Day!

Whatever you are celebrating this week…may joy surround you and your loved ones.  My personal memories are few…but precious.  I have one distinct memory of my sisters and I in exactly the same dress, coat, hat, gloves and shoes…just three different Easter colors…all handmade by my mother Charlotte.    If my memory serves me correctly Laurie wore orange, Jeanne–lime green and I got the pink coat and matching dress!!  Gosh…I wish I could find those pictures to post on FB!    We would go to my paternal grandmother’s in the AM for frittata, soupresata…and all sorts of delicious food and then hit the Polish afternoon lunch at my Aunt Dot’s.  I realize it is a religious holiday…but boy…the food!!!

Happy flowers!

We are certainly busy this week at the Inn…between family visits for the holiday and some vacationers…feels a bit like summer!  Luckily the weather is great and everyone seems to be having a great time.  No swimming yet…except for the extremely brave!  Summer is starting to book up… so be sure to call soon to secure your reservations.   It seems every year it books just a bit faster than the previous year!  Don’t forget to call…even if it looks booked online…sometimes rooms are available and they just don’t show.  Tell them you know me! HA!

See you soon!    K

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