listening to the fiddle…

What an evening tonight in Woodstock!  Livy and & I return from a run and we are serenaded by a guest who is playing violin in the yard.  What a tough life…. You should all be hearing this!  Summer is winding down and August is filling up—don’t forget to come visit—before you know it –it’s back to school!  Livy forbids me to use the word!    It’s too early she says….but in this business, before you know it the summer has passed! UGH……wait ….SLOW DOWN!  My friends from Sweden bought me a rock in town with those very words inscribed on it…ha, ha….you’ve all seen me whizzing around like a nut….laundry, laundry, laundry….zen and laundry  I like to say! 

Soon enough–the end of July the Shakespeare in the park here will start.  It is wonderful local theater put on at the Comeau property just a short walk from the Inn.  If you’ve never been–now is the time. 

On your way up to the Shakespeare in the park–stop by the Historical Society of Woodstock and check out their new exhibit–“The Mountains and the River” which explores Woodstock’s unique connection to the Hudson. 

This weekend in Woodstock on the 25th catch the Woodstock Library Fair–one of the best around!  I have many repeat guests who come every year and make it a point never to miss this one! 


peace for now…


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