May flowers…

Well, I have been on a bit of a hiatus with the whole blog thing…but I am back!  Spring in the Catskill mountains is probably my favorite time of year–everything is green, blooming, the sounds, the colors—I am so glad I am not in a high rise office somewhere–no offense!  My office is pretty darn nice!  Congrats to our boss here at the Woodstock Inn–he is a first time Grandfather! 

There are so many reasons to be here this weekend.  Let’s see….it’s the first “Second Saturday” put on by the Woodstock Arts Consortium–come check out the vibrant art scene here in Woodstock.  It has been alive and well since 1902! 

Music this weekend includes Uncle Rock & Frankie  and his Fingers at the Bearsville theater –an acoustic kids show beginning at 1PM–not for kids only!  In the evening catch Woodstock’s own  3 in concert.  Joey Eppard is one of the best around!  Also this weekend at Levon Helm’s Ramble catch the amazing local band–The Trapps–not to be missed.




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