Monday and still on vacation…

Well, I was back for the weekend and now I am off again–4 days to finish up this piece for submission.  I am pleased–after uber processing in my brain, I have come up with something that I love–let’s hope the judges think the same way.  This whole week–again will be sunny and gorgeous in Woodstock–come on up for a visit, see our new “sculpture” in the raw–and enjoy the stream!    This weekend in town–if you have never been to Mirabai Woodstock–now is the time  .  Their collection of books will blow your mind–and while you are there this weekend on Sat. 3/28 you can check out “Crystal Speak–A crystal channeling workshop”  EXPAND YOUR MIND!!  Also, this weekend at the Kleinert/James center (right up the street) you can support Family of Woodstock—and catch “Seeds of Change.” 





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