Monday blue…

Blue sky that is!!  No blues here–just sunshine, green grass and flowers, flowers everywhere.  The gardens  are blooming!  It is such a joy to watch the gardens do their thing each week–through the summer.  Different blooms every day thanks to Tom (owner & designer), Deb (gardener & designer).  What a job they have done over the years.  This garden was nonexistent 15 years ago–not even sure there was grass when Tom bought the place–and now—well, if you haven’t seen our grounds  now is the time.


There is a new open mic  at Joshua’s (right up the street)  on Thursday nights.  Also there is a new place in town down by the Bear Cafe–Alchemy of Woodstock.  It is in the building where the Peterson House was.  They are featuring live music every weekend–open mic on Wednesdays–last week was amazing!) They have books, food, coffee–and so much more.   Check out what they are doing on Myspace.  This weekend on Friday 5th–Mark Black & Michael  Esposito and on Saturday the 6th–Commander Cody & Professor Louie!



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