Music, music and more music…

Well, I had planned on being in Ipswich, MA today to run a trail marathon….but instead settled for 4 miles on the hilly roads of Woodstock!  My ankle took longer than expected to heal—so no marathon today.  I had a great run today anyway!  And I got to see some old friends, Jim & Dolores who I would have missed had I gone. 


Tonight at The Colony Cafe catch Voodelic–an amazing local (Palenville) band that should not be missed.  At the Ramble catch local super dude….Simone Felice and his band The Duke and the King opening for Levon  Check out the band @   Sure is a lot of talent here in the Catskills!  Like Hallow Dog   They will be at The Alchemy on November 14th and down in NYC at Sullivan Hall on Dec. 16th. 



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