New eats, entertainment for a Woodstock getaway

        This has been quite a summer. The consistent rain in June could have dampened expectations of summer fun but the sun broke through and the end product produced gardens that are lush, flowers that are bright and well nourished and gardens spilling over with fresh produce. It’s a great reminder, during these tumultuous times, to see beauty prevail.
         And that reassuring response is evident throughout Woodstock, as new stores, restaurants  and late-night offerings have given us so many entertainment, dining and shopping options.  And they all seem to embrace the welcome, authentic attitude that Woodstock is built upon.
            For dining and music options the re-opened and re-furbished Colony Cafe is offering a welcome addition of early and late-night musical entertainment, great food and weekend brunch options, while the A&P bar is mixing it up in innovative ways, making it a must visit nightspot for locals and visitors. Meanwhile SILVIA, at the old Joyous Lake,  is getting positive reviews for its upscale organic menu and R&R taproom   is a proving to be a comfortable place to relax and meet friends for a refreshing drink and great conversation.
     Of course these additions build upon favorite Woodstock stalwarts, including Joshua’s, Red Onion, Oriole 9, Catskill Mountain Pizza, Garden Cafe, New World Home Cooking and Cucina.
      If anything is true, we Woodstock folks do enjoy a great meal out with friends and the ensuing community that experience creates.  We’re located in the heart of the Farm to Table movement and it’s such a joy to have all these options available right in our small town.