After the rain, the sun is shining in Woodstock

flower rain sunWowzers! Last night’s deluge has left the creek cascading past the Inn – it sounds so melodious. And now today’s warm sun shine is quickly drying things out. After breakfast one guest happily announced she was going to her room,  getting her sunglasses and was going to set about enjoying the day. It’s such a delight seeing people embrace their stay at the Inn. Certainly, that mid-week, evening storm was powerful, but it really cleared the air and even gave the flowers a well-deserved shower. Everything seems to be perking up again, getting ready for another busy and beautiful weekend here in the Catskills. It seems summer took a long time getting here – June was busy with graduations and reunions, but now it’s already halfway through July and I’m not quite sure how that happened. The getaway guests are here, but the dog days of August will soon be upon us, when people traditionally relax for longer stays at the Inn. They really explore the Hudson Valley – both its rich history and its fun current activities. Of course, in Woodstock we continue to have our own afternoon favorite activities, including the Wednesday  Woodstock farm  festival and the Saturday/Sunday Mowers market.  But perhaps the nicest moments we experience are when guests simply enjoy the beauty of the Inn – when they take time to watch the stream flow past and marvel at the pure beauty of rain drops glistening on our colorfully blooming gardens. It’s both humbling and refreshing to connect with nature – a perfectly rewarding vacation experience – even for those of us lucky enough to live here everyday.