Snow, snow and more snow…

We are suppose to get more snow starting around noon today–possibly 5-8 inches.   After Wednesday’s sleet and ice–i welcome the snow.  Believe it or not you can’t get across the lawn!  It is a sheet of ice–Willy, Zelda and I slid across this morning on our …..We took a beautiful if not messy walk around Cooper Lake the other day with a few flurries adding to the picture.   I love that scene in the winter.  My long time Woodstock friend Wendy is in town visiting (she now lives in Georgia) and we are reminiscing about our early Woodstock days.  She has a new beautiful daughter Brooke–and I have my new baby pup Zelda.   We introduced the girls and Zelda was a hit with Brooke! 


There is a new funky place in town to hear music called the “Woodstock Mothership.”  John will be playing there on Sunday with his new band–not yet named!  These three have hit magic playing together and we are all excited about the new music that’s coming out of them.   Other fun places to check out this weekend…of course the Ramble!




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