A spring getaway is a perfect fit for mom – and everyone!

      This May Woodstock women are rocking it! From the elite bicyclists who are rolling into town for the Woodstock Women’s Grand Prix bike event on May 6, through the many moms redeeming their Mother’s Day gift certificates, fun things are happening. (If you still need a gift, moms do love these certificates – whether she travels alone or with family members. You can order it here and we’ll also have a really nice T-shirt for her when she arrives – just let us know her travel dates and  it’ll be our secret surprise waiting for her – shhh!) 
     But really, some years it seems Mother’s Day and spring take forever to get here. This year there certainly were lots of fits and starts to the warm weather (those faux “winter is gone” days followed by snow were NOT fun!)  And the Grand Prix weather is still questionable with some rain possible. But once spring really arrives in all its glorious warmth and the flowers are blooming, well, you can’t help but smile. Watching nature rejuvenate itself is somehow extra reassuring when so many other things in life can be unpredictable. 
          In fact, it seems there’s a renewed interest in folks embracing staycations again. The summer months at the Inn are already filling up with couples and families and solo travelers who want to head to the mountains, or the galleries or the music venues – and also enjoy a comfy bed and warm shower! It’s so amazing that we have such varied activities right here in town – heck, right outside our doorstep is one of the most beautiful streams in the Catskills! It’s always a pleasure watching people enjoy their getaways. So often folks arrive stressed and with full agendas of what they will see and do, and within 24 hours they are simply sitting down by the stream, or swinging in the hammocks, content as can be. Their to-do lists and must sees are forgotten and the pure beauty of relaxation takes hold. It really is transformative on so many levels. Watching it happen is sheer joy and makes inn keeping so rewarding. Some days it’s so inspiring I chuck my own to-do list – at least for a bit – and smell the flowers and soak in the cool, fresh green and blue water of the stream and remember that indeed, it really is such a beautiful world – especially in springtime.