Spring into the great outdoors in March, then enjoy the indoors

         Things are pretty crazy lately – from Woodstock to Washington change is on our mind. But the beautiful changes March brings to our community are so wonderful, we’re eagerly embracing them. In fact, here are a few of the best things about March in Woodstock. 
          – There is warm weather! And then there is cool weather! And thenWoodstock Inn Room there is warm weather again!  The only constant is change.
           – There’s still snow at the ski resorts, but not on the village’s sidewalks. 
           – Everyone is coming out of hibernation and are ready to talk, visit and chat. 
           – The crocuses really do emerge – a visual testimony to the power of Mother Nature. 
        Traveling in March can present some challenges, but also opportunities.  If your agenda includes cross country skiing on Saturday, but you wake up to temperatures in the mid 60s? Switch it up and go for a hike instead. Flexibility is such a great gift when traveling. It seems people who really enjoy their vacations are the ones who embrace moments when they arise, rather than sticking to rigid schedules. We see that all the time, as folks spend hours by the stream, entranced by nature’s mesmerizing beauty. (And its refreshing coolness in summer, which will be here before we know it!)
So enjoy the chance to slow down a bit – really get to visit with neighbors and friends. And enjoy the uncertainty of the March’s weather:  snow arriving and disappearing converts the grounds into an ever-changing landscape, while the sun shining in the breakfast room recharges the soul. It takes a lot of effort to appreciate moments, rather than be disgruntled should plans need to change. But this month of transition offers so many ways to discover interesting and rewarding activities in Woodstock, you really should come on up and enjoy.  And if you’re ever at a loss for activities, always feel free to reach out to Karen or Angela. They have the inside scoop of what’s happening near the Inn and love to share with folks.