Springing into beauty

Ahh, longer days are the magic elixir of spring. While a lost hour’s sleepCrocus_vernus_albiflorusM3 is missed for a day or two (or three the older I get!) the joy of late afternoon daylight can’t be beat. It’s so wonderful to have that time after work, when the days are still warm and it’s such a pleasure to be outdoors, listening to the stream rushing past.
This is also a real turning point at the Inn as we know the busy season is just around the corner – people are already booking out for July and August, choosing dates so they can attend some of Woodstock’s many offerings – concerts, gallery shows, festivals and Playhouse performances just add to the village’s ambiance and appeal. Not only do we have some of the prettiest mountains and waterfalls in New York right in our back yard, we also have the quality entertainment that New Yorkers expect.
But for now it’s time to slow down and embrace the seasonal changes – watch the crocuses peek out from the brown, moist earth and the daffodil blooms erupt along the garden edges. Soon The Inn will be running at full capacity, with guests from throughout the world coming to Woodstock to enjoy the treasures the locals too often take for granted. For now, I’ll take a moment or two (or three!) and also enjoy the beauty and magic of Woodstock.