Sunday before vacation…

I am off  for a few days to work on some art….YEAH!!!  Hopefully it will turn out the way I envision it—and then I will submit it for the Kingston Biennial—you never know with these things–I always fear the outcome will be a 5th grade science project gone awry….so far so good–I am 1 for 1—had a piece in the Newburgh Outdoor Show a few years back—I am way overdue!  But –enough about me…..You should come up to Woodstock THIS WEEK!! It is going to be absolutely gorgeous weather–perfect for sitting by the stream–with a book, with yourself–or with somebody!  Mention this blog and Bonnie  will give you a 20% discount (monday–thursday).  If you make it up here this weekend–don’t forget  the Bearsville Theater–The M Shanghai String Band CD release–9PM. 



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