Snow thankful

lobby with snow nov 2014Every once in a while we become silly and think we can control things. We plan. We schedule. We prepare. And, nature has its way. So it is this Thanksgiving in the Hudson Valley. We’re humbled and amazed at the beauty that has pumpkin in snow copydescended upon us with this snow storm. Yes, some are still scrambling to get to destinations and the airports are not where you want to be. Yet, the goal of being with loved ones, of gathering together and giving thanks is what motivates us.

And so, we learn to take time. Enjoy the moments as they appear. Be thankful for the big and the small things: for seasons that blend together and remind us that time passes, but memories linger; porch w snow square nov 2014 copyfor the blessings, the people; even those oh-so-frustrating storms that force us to juggle schedules and plans; for the peace we are privileged to enjoy and that we want to extend into this big, sometimes scary, but oh so so amazingly beautiful world.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.