The catskills are still alive with color…

It’s not too late to drive up to Woodstock and the Hudson valley for some peace …and gorgeous colors!  This time of year may well be my favorite…there is a quiet beauty all around.  But if you want some noise…meaning music…check out Harmony’s open mic on Wednesday nights…every Wed. night.  Check out some amazing bluegrass on Thursday nights also at Harmony.  The nice thing about this cool joint is that it is literally a 5 minute walk from our Inn!  If you can’t make it on a weekday…they always have live bands on the weekend.   John described this place perfectly tonight…it’s like the bar in “Northern Exposure.”  That alone is reason to check it out!

I was called for jury duty this week…and while I dreaded it like the plague…once I got there and witnessed the whole trip…I was praying for them to call my number.   HA!  Started running again after a long bout with the flu?  It is not easy getting it all back after 2 months off.  Even Willy & Zelda had a hard time.  I guess we are all getting a little older…just a little though! 

Just a short drive from Woodstock you can catch Phoenicia Phirst Phriday series @ Arts Upstairs on of course, Friday 11.5 7:30PM at Arts Upstairs.  This is a neat series featuring amazing musicians from the area.  Call 845.688.2142 for more info.  This Friday it’s Elly Wininger and Jim Barbaro.  I have had the distinct pleasure of hearing Elly and she is wonderful!  Check out this great series.



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