The spirit of Woodstock…

Photo by Ruth Oscroft

This is just one of the many amazing photos we received for our 1st Annual Photo Contest…I loved this one…and so many others…so I will be featuring them now and again with my blog.

The spirit of Woodstock does live on…and on…and I’m not just talking about incense & long hair.  Here the sense of community thrives in a special way…you can witness in the streets, at the local bread shop..Bread Alone, at the dog park, the health food store, at Levon Helm’s barn…I feel very fortunate to have landed here 17 years ago..and to think I never planned on staying.

This month…the Woodstock Playhouse is back in business so make sure you get your tickets ahead of time…and your room here at the Inn!  Check out all the upcoming productions!



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