Summer in Woodstock :: Things to Do in New York

One of the greatest things about spending time in Woodstock is, well, spending time in Woodstock. As we embrace the pleasures of summer we’d like to share our 10 favorite summer treats of Woodstock. And remember take some video as you explore – it could win you a free night at our Woodstock, New York inn. So here they are, in no particular order – except #1. Enjoy.

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Mower’s Market – Even if you aren’t looking for that hard to find, just right, one-of-a-kind momento, spend your Saturday strolling around, talking to vendors and looking at an eclectic gathering of people and goods.
Woodstock, New York Summer Activities

Sunday drummers circle – Surround yourself with aging hippies, enthusiastic toddlers and just funky folks banging away at the Village Green. To fully get in the spirit pick up an extra drum lying about and join in.

Gallery hopping – With almost a dozen art galleries right within Woodstock proper, you’ll encounter everything from classic painting to abstract sculpture.

Golfing at dusk – Nothing like watching the shadows lengthen, feeling the air cool down and hitting a straight drive along the green fairways of the Woodstock Golf Course. (Well, maybe having that straight drive actually land in the cup would make it better, but being in the moment on the course is pretty darn swell.)2016-03-17_23-46-31

Jane’s Ice Cream. It’s summer. It’s their 30th birthday. Indulge.

Thorn Preserve – This area off John Joy Road is a natural sanctuary for checkerspot butterflies and other beautiful flora and fauna. And Woodstock Land Conservancy offers guided hikes throughout summer.

Drive to Big Pink. It may not be 1968, but it is where The Band worked on their transformative album and, yes, it’s still pink. The curren
t owners respect the legacy of their home. To find out more visit

Woodstock, New York Summer Activities

Maverick Concerts – Woodstock and music go hand in hand, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s a crafted wooden structure amid the woods.that’s been hosting lovely outdoor summer concerts for a century now. Yet, it’s still a magical place to listen, and the afternoon family series is fun for all ages.
Woodstock, New York Summer Activities

KTD Monastery – Visiting this impressive, massive, spiritually-amazing Buddhist Temple is always a treat. But on Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. there’s a free guided tour and on Saturday at 2 pm there’s a free intro to meditation class offered. Bliss.

Our stream – Refreshing; mesmerizing; relaxing. Grab one of our big plushy beach towels, settle in, soak up the sun and nature and beauty. Ahhhhh, life is good