This holiday season…

Here at the Woodstock Inn as we head into the holiday season I want to wish all a very safe and joyous holiday.  It is not without heartache however considering the tragic loss of life this past year,  most recently in Newtown, Connecticut.  I pray nightly again…and I pray for peace and comfort to once again enter the lives of each and every family torn apart by this unspeakable tragedy.   The other night I was invited to a local restaurant’s holiday party and as I watched the many children run around the room dancing and shouting for joy, I experienced both pure joy myself (for a child’s joy IS infectious!) as well as incredible sorrow.  I will somehow in my own private way honor each life lost in Newtown,  both the children and the fearless adults who gave their lives and most likely saved countless other children that day.  May we all heal together for I believe no one can bear the pain alone and so we all must carry it and move forward remembering that light and love prevail….always.

May God bless you and your family this season…this year…and forever more.



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