Tuesday late…

Just wanted to write a quick note before I am off for a few days.  What an awesome day today in Woodstock–moody, overcast and  sunny!  I love those days.  Most of the leaves are down–so you can now drive through the back roads (or run like John and I) and see all the quaint Woodstock houses you never get to see in the summer!  I love the architecture here!  Check out the new Catskill Mountain Guide for November–you not only get some great articles about what to do and see in the area–but this month–you’ll get to read an article about our dog Willy!! Yes, Jimmy Buff (friend, author, WDST DJ, and fellow runner) writes about Willy—and calls him one of the finest Catskill Mountain runners!  Don’t I know it–I can never keep up with him! 

Ramble alert this weekend!  Catch it if you can!  And if you can’t–check out the 98.1 WKZE Concert series right up the street from us at the Kleinert/James Arts Center–you will get to hear one of the finest bands from Woodstock–THE TRAPPS!!  Seriously–they are an amazing band!



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