Tuesday late snow…

More snow and weather on the way.  It all started about 9PM this evening.  I only hope we all wake up to a snow covered Woodstock in the morning!  I had a lovely young couple here two  nights ago  and they walked up Mead’s Mountain road to then climb the Overlook Mountain trail to camp for 2 nights!  Brave YOUNG souls!   John gave them our cell number and some crampons for the ice…just in case.  Ambitious–the climb up Mead’s Mountain wears most out!  Of course John and his buddies run up it and then up the trail to the firetower a few thousand times to train for 100 mile races. 

I see they have added another Acoustic Ramble on Jan. 30th–if you can–snap up a ticket and go!  My friends all went last Friday night and have not  stopped talking about it!  I am off for the next couple of days hopefully I will get to play in the snow with Willy & Zelda.





One thought on “Tuesday late snow…

  1. Hi,

    We came in the fall and had a wonderful time. I would absolutely love to see some winter pics of the inn. If there is anything I can do to help you with a few images let me know.

    Larry & Diane

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