What a life…

That is what one of my guests told me today as she saw me playing with the kids in the stream on a break.  Don’t I know it!   When I take a break I get to walk outside my office and I am in PARADISE!  Willy & Zelda think so too!  So, back from a short swim in the stream–refreshed and ready to work again.

This weekend at the Bearsville Theater catch Reggae on Friday night, Saturday night it is Austin to Texas with Junior Brown–both shows not to be missed!  Also this weekend at The Alchemy of Woodstock (our newest music/arts venue) is Jill Stevenson on Saturday and The Bowmans on Friday night the 12th.  Music is back in Woodstock….YEAH! 

Wednesday nights we are always off to the Woodstock Farm Festival–a great midweek event with awesome music, local products, produce and friends!  If you are ever here midweek it should be on your list as a MUST! 

I just found out and I am proud to completely brag about it–that the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream is totally powered by WIND!! We are GREEN!  Thanks Amy Owens for research and setting it up!  We are the hippest!





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