What’s happening on Halloween in Woodstock? Everything!

images-1The chill is officially in the air, which means one of our favorite Woodstock holidays is rapidly approaching – that’s right Halloween is right around the corner. The Woodstock Film Festival wrapped up another amazing event this past weekend so now we’re on to costume planning, candy buying and trick scheming.

As always, Tinker Street will be the happening spot. (Remember the road will be shut down from 4 to 7, so if you’ll be staying at the Inn you’ll need to follow the detour signs.) The slight inconvenience of re-routing traffic is well worth it as the parade safely winds through town. Zombies, princesses and people of all ages enjoy the early evening revelry. The costume contest is always a highlight, but those candy treats from merchants are a close second.

One of the best things about Woodstock’s Halloween – and Woodstock in general – is the creativity that is seen everywhere. Costumes go from elaborate with special effects (think water melting off a human dressed as a glacier) to funny (think the queen of hearts in cheetah print.)

Sunfrost Farms will again be hosting its creative jack-o-lantern Sunfrostdisplay – this year it will be on both Oct. 30 and 31. This may very well be the best, if not the most attractive, use of unsold pumpkins in the country and truly transforms the store/restaurant site. It’s worth it to do a drive by in the day and then at night when it’s aglow. Who needs Christmas decorations when you have Sunfrost in the community? Located just west of town, at 217 Tinker Street, this is a must-visit for residents and tourists alike.

And yes, of course, it’s Woodstock. It’s a holiday. Obviously the music will be amazing. Connor Kennedy will be rocking at Bearsville with the Pink Floyd Halloween Freak Out show, with special effects by Liquid Light Lab. Creativity abounds.

And, to think – this is just the start of the weekend! We still have all Saturday and Sunday to enjoy everything else: hikes, galleries or better yet – sitting by the stream, watching nature weave her beauty on the trees and water. Pure bliss.

Come enjoy.