Winter beauty atop the mountains of Woodstock…

One of my days off this week was spent hiking up Overlook Mountain…something I have not done for a year due to an injury.  Zelda and I took off about 1pm and had the most marvelous, silent beauty filled hike (Willy is slowing down and can’t do the 5 miles).  There is just nothing like a hike in the woods…in the winter.  Usually I run it…up and down..frantic about staying in shape…frantic about constantly challenging myself…but due to an injury I just had to walk.   Lo and behold I actually saw the beauty and had the time to take it in.  If I had been running…I would have missed this nest, that bird, this ice formation….those bare trees framing the sky.

 I began to think about the new year…and what I can do differently …in my life…my work…my relationships…with myself, friends and family.  Number one…slow down!  About 5 years ago my guests (and great friends!)  Ann Axelsson and Archie Pollheimer bought an inscribed rock for me as a gift…guess what it said?  “Slow Down.”  Maybe it is time to embrace that rock…that concept.

Happy New Year dear friends…slow down if you need…speed it up …whatever you do…don’t miss the beauty of this life.

Overlook Mountain

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