Woodstock is alive with the sound of music…

Whether its the Midnight Ramble, The Colony Cafe, The Bearsville Theater, New World Home Cooking, Harmony, or Catskill Mountain Pizza… music will be heard!

The Midnight Ramble need no introduction.  Just get some tickets and go…at least once…it should be on your bucket list.

The Colony Cafe is in its 12th  year showcasing all types of performances…from amazing live local acts and some national, poetry readings, plays…and of course the Goddess Festival.

The Bearsville Theater is an amazing venue…just a short drive from the Inn…upcoming acts include …Voodelic,  Richard Thompson, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion and many, many more!

New World Home Cooking has the Celtic sessions every Monday night, live great local bands every Friday night…and of course delicious food!

Harmony is our “new” wonderful divy bar featuring great musicians almost every night of the week!

and …Catskill Mountain Pizza…has recently expanded its space and will be featuring live music!



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