Woodstock musicians help with relief concert…

If you are in town this weekend do not miss the amazing all star line-up planned for Sunday night 9/18 @ the Bearsville Theater.  Check it out www.bearsvilletheater.com  Area musicians lend a hand to raise money for local relief efforts by Family of Woodstock.  You can also donate to Family by going directly to their website  www.familyofwoodstockinc.org  But hey…why not come up to the Catskills enjoy the show and donate in person!  If you are unaware of the devastation up here…check out some of the videos being posted on YouTube.  I live here…and can’t even believe what I have seen…what has happened to the communities just a short drive from the Inn!

I have witnessed the kindness and caring of many, many individuals actively reaching out day after day to help those in need.  Kind of restores my faith in humanity!



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