Winter in Woodstock, NY :: Things to Do Near our NY B&B


So, last winter was one foWinter in Woodstockr the books – snow, snow, snow and cold, cold, cold. Who’d have ever thought we’d miss THAT? Well, we don’t necessarily miss the incessant freeze, must admit it’s a bit strange this year, with only one decent snow fall, that has since melted. And, with no shadow being sighted by Punxsutawney Phil, it may mean time to gear up for Spring. But wait!

The best part of winter is just happening now! This is traditionally when we’re slowing down in Woodstock, taking a breather. Finally there’s time to talk with friends and neighbors, our favorite shopkeepers and chefs. And it’s pretty exciting that there are so many thing to do in New York: Concerts (have you seen the Jazzstock events?); Upstate Films continues to show amazing, non-mainstream movies that engage; There are three Rambles at Levon’s place in February; Byrdcliff is hosting an artist spotlight Feb. 6 in the village and then on Feb. 18 the Woodstock Artists Association has an open potluck gathering where artists, critics and regular folks can all just get together and visit.

These are the kind of winter events we love up here! (And if you haven’t visited Woodstock, NY in winter it’s the perfect time to get the best local experience around.)


Don’t get me wrong. We’re not just twiddling our thumbs here at the Inn. There are busy weekends and lots of surprises in store that’ll ease things when the real season starts. But in the meantime we’ll just stroll into town – yes, it is way warm enough to walk and no snow on the roads!  – enjoy a cup of coffee and simply embrace the peace – and warmth.

Hope to see you soon.