I have lived in Woodstock now for about 17 years…15 of those have been at the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream, the place I call home.  I am reminded daily by my guests how lucky I am to live in such a gorgeous paradise and I am grateful for these reminders.

Year after year I have greeted a multitude of guests.  Some have become lifelong friends.  I have watched children grow up, graduate high school, enter college…no one has married yet that I know of.  What a joy it has been and continues to be!

I have witnessed guests fall in love, break apart, renew their vows, grieve the death of loved ones, spread the ashes of those loved ones here in the Millstream.  I have come to know that this place I call home is one that many refer to as their other home…the one they travel to for solace, peace and yes, love.  I am honored, blessed and forever changed.





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Woodstock town picnic

Flying saucer???

This photo was taken at last year’s Woodstock town celebration.  Yes, it happens this Saturday 8/18 at Andy Lee field on Rock City Road.  During the day enjoy a small town picnic…by night catch the best fireworks  outside of NYC!



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Simply a great weekend to be in Woodstock…

This weekend there will be two Rambles…Levon must be smiling!  On Friday night catch Ramble favorite Jimmy Vivino presenting “The Band Songs.”  Not to be missed.  And then on Saturday night one of my favorite female guitarists/songwriters/singers..Ms. Lucinda Williams…and oh yeah…we’ve had a couple of cancellations so you CAN find a room in Woodstock, NY!




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More photos from Woodstock Inn guests…

Graffiti by Dorothea Orsini

Another one of my favorite Woodstock Inn guest photos…this one by Dorothea Orsini.  This graffiti art can be found across and up a bit from the Woodstock Inn’s swimming hole.  Something about this photo just called out to me.   Yes, to learn to love and be loved in return…really is the most important thing.

The town of Woodstock I believe really attempts to live that truth…neighbor to neighbor…I have witnessed far more love and kindness here…even stranger to stranger.  This community pulls together to help one another in time of need.  I feel extremely fortunate to have landed here 17 years ago and to tell you the truth I have not looked back!





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Hometown homecoming…

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the East Coast premiere of Philip Dorling & Ron Nyswaner’s new film Why Stop Now?  It premiered in Philip’s hometown of Woodstock, NY.  I will just say this…Go see it!  Stellar performances by Melissa Leo, Tracy Morgan & Jesse Eisenberg along with an amazing script/direction by Dorling & Nyswaner make the film a must see for all.




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Just up the hill…

Charise Isis

There is a little treasure of a place right up the street from the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream…yes, The Center for Photography  at Woodstock.  This Saturday you can catch a lecture by local photographer and I may add…amazing talent..Charise Isis.  Charise will be discussing her newest project Grace in which she documents the courage of cancer survivors.   Check out the website of CPW for more information… including upcoming workshops, lectures and exhibits.




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What are you waiting for???

our little corner of paradise...


This week in the Catskills/Hudson Valley area…and particularly here in Woodstock is suppose to be absolutely gorgeous…what ARE you waiting for???  Come this midweek and get the R&R you so deserve!  Swim in the Millstream, shop/dine in town just minutes from the Inn and leave your car parked!  No traffic, no hassles!!



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The spirit of Woodstock…

Photo by Ruth Oscroft

This is just one of the many amazing photos we received for our 1st Annual Photo Contest…I loved this one…and so many others…so I will be featuring them now and again with my blog.

The spirit of Woodstock does live on…and on…and I’m not just talking about incense & long hair.  Here the sense of community thrives in a special way…you can witness in the streets, at the local bread shop..Bread Alone, at the dog park, the health food store, at Levon Helm’s barn…I feel very fortunate to have landed here 17 years ago..and to think I never planned on staying.

This month…the Woodstock Playhouse is back in business so make sure you get your tickets ahead of time…and your room here at the Inn!  www.woodstockplayhouse.org  Check out all the upcoming productions!



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So many reasons to come to Woodstock…

Mountain Jam this weekend with such luminaries as Steve Winwood, Levon Helm Band, Michael Franti & Spearhead, North Mississippi Allstars, Tedeschi Trucks Band and local favs like Simi Stone, Simone Felice Band and the Connor Kennedy Band…woohooo!!  Come to Hunter for the music and Woodstock to lay your pretty head!  See you there!!



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And the winners are…

Dear folks,

Thanks so much for all your entries….and particularly your patience as we combed through the many photos we received for what may indeed become our Annual Woodstock Inn Photo Contest.  The following is a letter from my dear boss, the owner of the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream…Mr. Tom Bullard:

“Wow!  When we had the idea for a photo contest, we never imagined so many of our guests would respond.  And who could have guessed that the Woodstock Inn attracted so many talented photographers! We’re flattered and a bit overwhelmed trying to choose from so many excellent and varied pictures. But choose we must, and have done! There were three of us judging. We went round and round so many times that we decided to expand the awards. Now, on top of the three winners, we have included eleven additional photos under the category of Honorable Mention, to receive a $15 gift certificate (please check our facebook page for the honorable mention list). And to take it one step further, we were inspired and excited to start a new page entitled Guest Gallery where we will include even more of the contest photos. 

     For myself, it was fascinating and gratifying to see the images captured by our guests.  After 18 years of labor and love in creating the Woodstock Inn, I know the place pretty well, but it has been a real treat to see the Inn and Woodstock and its eccentric culture through the fresh, observant, and artistic eyes of our guests.  
     We thank all of you so much for your love and patronage of the Inn, and for your participation in our first photo contest — let’s do it again!

P.S.  you may be wondering  about our criteria for judging the photos.  well….we batted around several factors:  should the subject matter pertain directly to the Inn, to the town of Woodstock, or to the local area?  Was technique or content more important?  Classic or unusual?  In the end we went with an approach of  “we’ll know when we see it.”  And I think we tended a little more toward sentiment.
Somehow we came up with three winners: Setting sunlight on a snowy Millstream;  Linus, the cat, yawning in the garden (the flowers are literally catnip);  and a baby in a diaper peering out the window of room 17 at what may have been his/her first snowfall. Congratulations to all!” Tom

1st Place - Dave Russo - Snowy Stream at Sunset

2nd Place - Doug Ouderkirk - Linus in the Catnip

3rd Place - Ali Smith - Window to the World


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